Christian Family Radio and Classically Based Catalog

Christian Family Radio and Classically Based Catalog

On the way home from the grocery store I was listening to this wonderful broadcast on the radio station. I wrote down the website on the grocery receipt so I wouldn’t forget it when I got home. I’m so glad I did! I highly recommend this website it is called Family Research Council at . It is radio programs from the family Research Council keeping you abreast of news from Washington with a Christian mix.


Articles made into news broadcasts include things like this. Click the link to download and listen to this newscast:

“Science Czar or just plain bizarre? Hello, I am Tony Perkins with the Family Research Council. Among President Obama’s growing list of czars is the White House science czar, Dr. John Holdren. Holdren, along with the sky is falling scientist Paul Ehrlich, who wrote the now-discredited book entitled “Population Bomb” in the 1960’s claiming the world was overpopulating and would be out of food by the end of the 1970’s, wrote a text book together. Holdren and Ehrlich’s book, which they wrote in 1977, was entitled Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment. In the book Holdren advocates for radical government action to limit population growth. Among the proposals, forced abortions for women, involuntary sterilization through infertility drugs placed in food or the water supply….” For more visit

This website is very enlightening and I have been making it a habit to listen more to the talk radio shows.

The other thing I wanted to share with you was the Veritas Press catalog. A friend of mine shared this catalog with me as she knows I’m doing TJED which is Classically based.

Things I love about this catalog:
It is broken into grade levels so I can, at a glance, be sure I’m not looking at something too easy for the child I’m buying for.

I love the suggested books per grade level. I’m using it as a guide to gauge the kid’s school this year. For instance for my eldest (Calypso), it suggested she read the Lord of the Rings series. Well, she’s on book 2 already! Right on!

It even includes classically based math books, which I have been on the search for. One for instance by Harold Jacobs.

Hope this post give you some ideas and a couple of new places to visit.

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