Introduction to Leadership education, also known as A Thomas Jefferson Education.

TJED–Can I Do This? (Dr. Shannon Brooks)

Introduction to TJED Part 1: What is an Education?


Introduction to TJED Part 2: How do we Get a Great Education?


Introduction to TJED Part 3: Mentors and Classics

Introduction to TJED Part 4: The Purpose of a Great Education


Dr. Shannon Brooks did a series teaching about Thomas Jefferson Education/Leadership Education.


Part 1: What does education in America Look Like Today?

Part 2: Should Homeschool be Public School at Home?

Part 3: How can we Educate our Kids vs. School them?

Part 4: Why is TJED the way Kids (and adults) Learn?

Part 5: Where does curriculum fit into TJED?

Part 6: How can TJED help you reach your potential?

Part 7: Final Questions and Answers

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