Natural Born TJED’er

Natural Born TJED’er

shiloah-baker-july-2013I tell close friends and family that I was accidentally raised in a leadership educational model without my parents really knowing what they were doing for me.  Due to a sick mom, much of my important homeschooling years were spent with me discovering and learning through my own interests and following my passion.


When I decided to finally obey the Lord’s call for me to homeschool my family, I asked around for anyone local to tell me what they were doing.  The only person my friend could reach for me was a lady who lived around the corner from her.  I went straight to her house and asked her how she did it.  I’ll never forget the words my new friend used when she told me that she does things different from most homeschoolers.  She explained the conveyor belt concept that schools churn out the same kinds of people who are told what to do the whole way through. Then they are spit out into the world and many leave confused as to what to do with their lives.  She really didn’t think I wanted to hear these things, but I knew it was so right and the direction I was supposed to go.  I knew my calling is to raise leaders and this made so much sense.

I’ve always been an advocate of and lover of self-teaching with an element of good guidance with mentors.  I never cared for the hierarchy of the career based educational system that is in our country.  I didn’t believe anyone should hold me back in what I want to do in life because of tests or how much money I spend with them or not spend to get a degree.  I hated how I would be assigned books to read and have to try to find the same answers or meanings the professors said were there.  I believed in finding my own answers in books and didn’t always agree with their often worldly or skewed views of these books, or the opinions (often exaggerated) of the authors.


I’ve learned much over the years living the principles of leadership education in my life and with my family.  Here are some of those things:


I dance to the rhythm of my own drum.  I make decisions and live my life based on my instincts and inspiration from God, not from what the world thinks, what everyone else does, or what society says I have to do be successful.  I don’t do it to be a pain, to get negative attention or to be a know-it-all.  I believe the “crowd” rarely goes in the direction I feel is right for my life.


I learned to think and to think deeply.  I’ve learned to ask constant questions of my mind to draw out answers.IMG_0851


Speaking of questions…I always ask questions in all areas of my life: what is the message this author/movie/music is sharing? When you become more conscious its sometimes surprising what the answers are.


It’s always been okay with me to be different.  It’s not always the pleasant road and its often lonely, but I know it’s right and I have the courage to go on knowing many stories of people throughout history traveling the road less traveled.


Inspiring myself has always come easily for me.  I don’t want to miss any opportunities and I desire to live a full life.  That energy has kept me going.


Leadership feels natural and I know for certain it is what God wants for me.


Because I never could fit into any molds, I struggled in public school.  I was often bored.  Now, I’ve given myself permission to and see the wisdom in constantly pursuing knowledge in every subject.


I trust that God brought this knowledge into my life and that I was supposed to be here at this time in the history of the world.


“The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focused on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts.” ― Roopleen, Words to inspire the winner in YOU


Like  a rubber band, once stretched I know I can’t and never do want to go back to that originally “shape”.


Let’s talk:  Why does TJED (Leadership Education) feel right for you and your family?

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My greatest dreams are to have a housekeeper; unlimited reading time; to travel wherever and whenever I want; to live in England, Italy and Hawaii; to go to Oxford University in the UK; to have all 11 children go on missions and to college; and to die peacefully in my sleep as an old, healthy woman. ♥

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