Books that Love Children

books that love children

Children bring the unexpected into the world. Raising children strengthens you and gives you wisdom beyond your years. Some positive attributes that may or may not come along with your brood are patience, energy, and enthusiasm. But, I notice those do show up from time to time. Other positive attributes that can be strengthened or developed as your children grow are: ingenuity, creativity, courage, long suffering. Long suffering is one of my favorite spiritual gifts meaning: suffering for a long time without complaining : very patient during difficult times.

A friend of mine once remarked that she felt Carlo Collodi hated children after reading Pinocchio. It’s true that the theme of the book doesn’t speak kindly of children-kind there are many lessons to learn from the story. The final one being wooden boys who behave that badly would make good firewood. Okay, all joking aside, he did finally get things into his little wooden head and he became a real boy as his reward. [Continue reading]

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Reflections on our Day homeschooling; and Bowling at Night

bowlingMy day didn’t begin very well as our smallest baby, who doesn’t often make much of a fuss, tossed and turned all night keeping me up much of the night. After company visited, I laid down with the finally sleeping infant. I awoke from my nap to the thought that I hadn’t done much with my day. This awful lie is one that the enemy makes us feel when we are really doing the most important things in life. I tried to figure out what direction I should go in next.

Like a mother hen, I gathered my middle three daughters together in my bed and we sat and did our homeschooling while the baby stayed asleep next to me, snug as a bug in a rug. One thing that never changes is wherever my children are, there is a tornado of mess. Such is the nature of children. But, the mess means play and thought and learning. [Continue reading]

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A Commonplace Book in the Digital Age

These are my notebook stacks. Templates, school & my personal study.

Homeschooling can be an exciting and liberating adventure. We get to connect with our kids, explore new worlds with them and inspire them to fall in love with old worlds that we treasure. This chapter of life has days which are long but years that … [Continue reading]

Saturday Morning Coffee


I love my husband. I love him for lots of reasons but chief among them is because his trust in me and my vocation means that I get this amazing opportunity to raise these children alongside him in a way that feels incredibly natural and meaningful. … [Continue reading]

4 Books On Choosing a Marriage Partner for Scholars


Statistics show that half of all marriages in the US end in divorce. That is a staggering number. Having gone through my parent’s getting divorced in my teen years I know firsthand the hardship and heartbreak that goes into parents separating. In all … [Continue reading]

Play Doh, oh no!


In my sixth grade art class, my teacher gifted me with a C. I truly only earned that C because of my over the top effort not to be truly terrible. I was a slightly above mediocre student in all areas except Art, Reading and Religion. I loved (and … [Continue reading]

Making My Mission Matter


In this chapter of life, I am still not certain of the entirety of my life's mission. I have been blessed with the most precious role as wife and mother. At this time, we are called to be a homeschooling family. Our home culture is of the utmost … [Continue reading]

School Photos TJEd Style


It is that time of year when our newsfeeds overflow with "back to school" this and that. As a homeschooler, I am not immune to the thrill of new markers and pencils and clean notebooks. My kids may not have a "school supply list" but they do have the … [Continue reading]

Why I Read With My Ears These Days…

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.55.32 PM

As a homeschooling mom, my time to really dig into the classics is pretty limited. Between diapers, dishes, laundry, kidschool, mentoring and dating my husband, the hours of the day tend to be spent before my feet even hit the floor or my bible is … [Continue reading]

Parenting with Scripture: Disrespectful & Irresponsible Kids

I love reading books. I love reading self help books including parenting books. However, in my experience, nothing works better than parenting with scripture. Because we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you will also see … [Continue reading]

Books and Friends


I get distracted by other books. I have a pile I’m working on currently and as I wander into different rooms in my house and see the books on the shelves I have to take a book into my hands and browse through about twenty to thirty pages…then into … [Continue reading]

Climbing a Mountain


Today began like most other days. My two year old whom we affectionately call Lamby came bursting through my bedroom door to give me kisses. I ask my older girls who came chasing after her to take the baby and Lamby out so I could sleep just a little … [Continue reading]

Dragon Warriors in the Library


Deep in the heart of Germany, on the top floor of an apartment building, lived the ten Baker children. Each day, they entered the library in the back of the house, and gathered around their mother to begin adventures all over the world in the land of … [Continue reading]

Give Yourself Permission

give yourself permission

How many times do we become overwhelmed because we aren’t doing all that we think and feel we should? How many times do you feel paralyzed by your imperfections and weaknesses? Contrast that with how often you give yourself permission. As we … [Continue reading]

12 Math Ipad Apps for Love of Learning Phase


I'm certainly appreciative of all the extra educational help I can get for my kiddos.  We have a couple of family rules with the ipad.  1. You have a timer set and have to surrender the ipad set after the timer goes off.  2. Only educational stuff … [Continue reading]