Homeschool Graduation

Last year, my eldest daughter graduated.  It was a happy day.  We invited all of our new friends to the house and my parents were happily living here in Germany and were able to come as well.  It was amazing.  I just had our new baby and my eldest was finishing high school.  You never know what life will bring.  This year, another daughter will be finishing up her “high school” or “scholar phase/depth phase” studies.

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Happy Ears

My very first post for this beautiful blog was in August of 2014 and was about how I “read with my ears” thanks to Audible. Since that post I have been asked many times over which audiobooks are family favorites in our home.


This post won’t have a lot of text, just a lot of book recommendations! :) All of these books are, to our mind as a family, classics for one reason or another. Many of these books were purchased AFTER we had read the text together at Family Read Aloud or Kidschool simply because they were classics that I wanted to have the joy of sharing with my kids but once we were done they were already begging for a re-read. Some of these are books that we have discovered together over the lunch hour. We would pull out the next new to us classic and listen while we made, ate and cleaned up lunch. Some of these are kids’ books that have great value but I don’t enjoy reading! Audible is helping me out! Whatever the reason, we have portioned a hefty chunk of our homeschool budget for a very healthy audio library. [Continue reading]

Bending Our Brains


Have you ever seen that mostly family friendly tv series produced by National Geographic called Brain Games? The show, one of few allowances in our family screen viewing, is intriguing, challenging and wonderfully encouraging. We stream the seasons … [Continue reading]

Play: The Highest Form of Research

the power of creative play

Play is education. Play is learning. As Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” When I hear my kids engrossed in play, I don’t disturb them. Chores, work, study, everything else can wait. This is one of the most important aspects of … [Continue reading]

Making Toys New Again and Again


As homeschoolers, our whole homes are "classrooms". They store art supplies, math books, science experiments, practical life tools, libraries and toys... toys... toys... Setting up a homeschool that nurtures creativity, fosters curiosity and instills … [Continue reading]

What’s so great about The Great Courses?

FullSizeRender (1)

Over 25 years ago, Tom Rollins, a Harvard Law student was unprepared for an exam. He found a videotape series that would help him acquire the material efficiently. When he began to watch the video lecture series, he was surprised, impressed and … [Continue reading]

Alright, now what?


Just about two years ago my little family was trying to find a history curriculum. For religious reasons, we were pretty dissatisfied with many of the popular options and for philosophical reasons we were unimpressed with the options that met our … [Continue reading]

Cranford Colloquium Discussion

Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskill

Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskill (where to buy) is a feel good book that is sure to make you laugh and cry. The witty English humor is one of my favorite things about her style of writing. It was a great book for a colloquium. We followed up our … [Continue reading]

Mentoring Lessons from Bambi

mentoring lessons from bambi

Bambi the Disney movie was the one I avoided when people listed off movies-to-watch. It was too sad and boring to me. It put a bad taste in my mouth and so I had no interest in reading the classic book either. I’m so glad I changed my mind. We just … [Continue reading]

Reading Through The Lists


Confession: I have less than no interest in New Year's goals. It is not that I think the idea of goal setting to be a bad one - it is just that the idea does not resonate with me. I love goals. I love lists. I just don't have any desire to set upon a … [Continue reading]

Martin Luther and Johannes Gutenberg


Ninety-five errors are what Martin Luther found in the doctrine of the Catholic church, or THE church at the time. He boldly put this list on the door of the church in Wittenburg. In consequence of this and other reasons related, the Diet of Worms … [Continue reading]

Bonhoeffer: the Book

Bonhoeffer: The book

I finished Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy with my husband this week. Metaxes wrote a work of art. I read this with my husband and we learned so much about WWII that we never knew. My husband and I could hardly stay away from the book and … [Continue reading]

Year of Books and Reading

Year of Books

  This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support of this site! “The born reader reads anywhere, any when, by day or night, by thte light of the moon and the stars, or even, so I have heard, by lightening or the aurora … [Continue reading]

My Path to Creating a Gospel Centered Homeschool or Reflections on the Mortal Messiah

My Path to Creating a Gospel Centered Homeschool

Each time you return to the classics you are a new person than the last time you visited. Classics are books that you can get something from that is life changing and your friend can do the same and they may be completely different, or in some ways … [Continue reading]

Filling In The Colors Themselves


George McDonald is an often forgotten and overlooked author who inspired authors like CS Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. MacDonald was a short-time minister, theologian, lover of literature and a pretty amazing children's fantasy writer. In the … [Continue reading]