Memorization Memoirs

“Homeschoolers can use rote memorization to have their children memorize passages from Scripture, Psalms, poems, even parts in Shakespeare plays. When a child memorizes beautiful language and well-constructed lines, that knowledge will stay with him for the rest of his life. It will become part of his permanent memory that he can draw upon in times of difficulty.” ~Sam Blumenfeld


The TJED key “Inspire not require” has unfolded into many new avenues for me over the last year. Lead from the front and not push from the back has become more a part of my role as mentor. I love to “help people” along with gentle nudging from the back, but nothing inspires more than me participating often.

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Walking through the Wardrobe again and again…

Narnia is a pretty fantastic and special place. I genuinely feel sad for any child who hasn’t walked through the wardrobe and pushed back the coats to find themselves in a snow covered wood in a magical and mystical place. Narnia is the kind of place that can inspire a child to love reading, to love white magic (the kind we find in the bible) and to believe in their own kingly or queenly heritage. Narnia is the foundation upon which a life wonder and awe can be built.

Every family who comes to Narnia comes a different way. No different than Eustace or Peter or Lucy or Diggory or Jill. Everyone’s entry to Narnia comes just at the right time and when Aslan calls, in just the right way. I am passionate about counselling new readers towards reading in the publication order – but that is a different discussion for a different post. [Continue reading]

Real Science 4 Kids is Real Science!


We love science. I mean really love science. There are lot of doctors, engineers and other science types in both of our extended families so I guess that it is not totally surprising that we have children who have a passion for science. The thing is… … [Continue reading]

Homeschooling during the Tough Times

homeschooling during the tough times

Because life isn’t always roses and daisies. Illness, pregnancy, hospitalization, and crisis or other difficult times occur and everything looks and is topsy-turvy. This is why I’m writing this today. If I could go back in time to counsel with my … [Continue reading]



WE WANT TO SEE A CLASSICS REVIVAL and hope to inspire others to grab their books, snap a book-selfie and share it with everyone in their social media world! #caughtwithaclassic is a social media campaign designed to highlight the many ways that … [Continue reading]

Book Bonanza: A Home Culture of Books

Book Bonanza_ A Home Culture of Books

“This book taught me, once and for all, how easily you can escape this world with the help of words! You can find friends between the pages of a book, wonderful friends.” ― Cornelia Funke, Inkspell Books are a gift from God. Let me specify that … [Continue reading]

Teach your Children to Ponder; Teach your Children to Think

teach your children to ponder

“Search, Ponder and Pray, are the things that I must do…” These are the words to a children’s hymn sung by children in our church. For many people, pondering is not something that comes with birth. Pondering needs to be taught. Thinking is asking … [Continue reading]

Death Comes to Pemberley: A Homeschool Mother’s Review


As a mother who is a scholar of the gospel and has a passion for looking into the messages that everything brings, I must offer this disclaimer first: I’m not one to watch for the sheer entertainment value as many meanings and messages are always … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Graduation


Last year, my eldest daughter graduated.  It was a happy day.  We invited all of our new friends to the house and my parents were happily living here in Germany and were able to come as well.  It was amazing.  I just had our new baby and my eldest … [Continue reading]

Happy Ears


My very first post for this beautiful blog was in August of 2014 and was about how I "read with my ears" thanks to Audible. Since that post I have been asked many times over which audiobooks are family favorites in our home. This post won't … [Continue reading]

Bending Our Brains


Have you ever seen that mostly family friendly tv series produced by National Geographic called Brain Games? The show, one of few allowances in our family screen viewing, is intriguing, challenging and wonderfully encouraging. We stream the seasons … [Continue reading]

Play: The Highest Form of Research

the power of creative play

Play is education. Play is learning. As Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” When I hear my kids engrossed in play, I don’t disturb them. Chores, work, study, everything else can wait. This is one of the most important aspects of … [Continue reading]

Making Toys New Again and Again


As homeschoolers, our whole homes are "classrooms". They store art supplies, math books, science experiments, practical life tools, libraries and toys... toys... toys... Setting up a homeschool that nurtures creativity, fosters curiosity and instills … [Continue reading]

What’s so great about The Great Courses?

FullSizeRender (1)

Over 25 years ago, Tom Rollins, a Harvard Law student was unprepared for an exam. He found a videotape series that would help him acquire the material efficiently. When he began to watch the video lecture series, he was surprised, impressed and … [Continue reading]

Alright, now what?


Just about two years ago my little family was trying to find a history curriculum. For religious reasons, we were pretty dissatisfied with many of the popular options and for philosophical reasons we were unimpressed with the options that met our … [Continue reading]