Read Aloud: What we have learned as a Family

What weHave Learned

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” —Emilie Buchwald

Reading books aloud has been a part of my life from the beginning. I’ve tried to do the same for my own “little” family that I’m raising. I feel that reading aloud books as a family has been around for a long time, but our generation is revitalizing it in large scale.

As with everything, there’s the good and the bad. Let’s start with the bad and end with the good.

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The Rithmatist: Why We Loved Reading it


Whenever we’ve taken a vote throughout the year of everyone in the family’s favorite read-aloud-of-the-year. It is always, hands down, The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson.

Because I was curious what they loved so much about the book, I sat down with the family and asked the following questions and wrote down their answers.

We rate The Rithmatist 4 out of 5 stars. [Continue reading]

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Classic Kids Book List That EVERY Child Needs: List Six


A book in the hand is a book in the brain and heart. Books change us. Books heal us. Books gives us stories to go on and ideas for life itself. And books, as we have seen in our family, have helped in bridging learning gaps in multiple ways. In … [Continue reading]

What Reading Aloud 60 Classic Books Can Do for a Child

60 classics

What is the difference between two Scholar Phase kids + two Love of Learning phase kids with learning disabilities, one year, and 60 classic books read aloud to them? Answer: HUGE leaps and bounds by my children in their comprehension of ALL … [Continue reading]

Little Librarians


Ingredient #19: The Bookshelf. Such an innocent looking ingredient... and yet it is one of the most challenging ingredients for many of us to implement. This simple ingredient is not unlike the item it describes.  Bookshelves are such common and … [Continue reading]

Travelling Without A Suitcase


When I was eight my parents took us to Europe - my sister was 6 and my brother was 4. It was 1984 and the dollar was worth almost one British Pound. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. We packed three canvas army duffle bags that my mom had … [Continue reading]

Parenting with Scripture: Honesty and Integrity


Parenting can be very challenging at times as we try to teach and train our children to live good, clean lives. There is so much joy and happiness that comes our way as blessings for our obedience in bringing “up [our] children in light and truth.” … [Continue reading]

7 Keys That Have Facilitated My Great Divorce

great divorce

In 18 months my homeschooling course changed from a foggy notion to a concrete mission. What was initially a strong instinct with blurred vision has evolved into a crystal clear path towards substantiality. In CS Lewis's masterwork "The Great … [Continue reading]

Are Children the Enemy?


Messes, stickiness, broken dishes, little time alone, noises, laundry, blah. I have often heard, throughout my lifetime, mothers speaking of their children as the cause of all of their woes. They blame them for their misery. They can’t wait for … [Continue reading]

Playing School…


As a little girl I was enamored with teachers. I thought that they really did have the best job in the world and I knew with certainty that I was going to be a teacher when I grew up. Probably in a habit. If I was really virtuous, maybe even a … [Continue reading]

The Seasons of My Day


I live in Wisconsin - the Northern Midwest - a place of four true seasons. In this climate wonderland, we feel the rhythms of Mother Nature profoundly. She blesses us with gorgeous Falls and magical Springs. She gives us reasonably temperate Summers … [Continue reading]

Rory Story Cubes


I have a brilliant idea to share with you... and I can honestly call it brilliant somewhat objectively because it is not my idea. I am stealing it. It is pure theft. Well... I guess that it isn't theft since the creator of the idea gave me … [Continue reading]

Books that Love Children

books that love children

Children bring the unexpected into the world. Raising children strengthens you and gives you wisdom beyond your years. Some positive attributes that may or may not come along with your brood are patience, energy, and enthusiasm. But, I notice those … [Continue reading]

Reflections on our Day homeschooling; and Bowling at Night


My day didn’t begin very well as our smallest baby, who doesn’t often make much of a fuss, tossed and turned all night keeping me up much of the night. After company visited, I laid down with the finally sleeping infant. I awoke from my nap to the … [Continue reading]

A Commonplace Book in the Digital Age

These are my notebook stacks. Templates, school & my personal study.

Homeschooling can be an exciting and liberating adventure. We get to connect with our kids, explore new worlds with them and inspire them to fall in love with old worlds that we treasure. This chapter of life has days which are long but years that … [Continue reading]