Allowing the Teaching Moments

Allowing the Teaching Moments

Today was no different than any ordinary day. The usual disagreements over one thing or another IMG_6741were ensuing, messes were being made, littles were hopping about the furniture like monkeys and Ben and I were trying to figure out how our day was going to go. I’d like to say when we begin our devotional/learning sessions that everything becomes perfect, but that’s not always the case. I’d say it gets better and that is a healthy and more accurate measure. The energy calmed inside of us. We all felt more connected. We felt more enlightened and interested in learning more.

We sang our song, said prayers, and started on scriptures and that is where the fun began. We’re finishing up 2 Nephi 25 and he was speaking of the commandment the Lord gave him to record their testimonies to convince their posterity of the truthfulness of Christ. Our discussion then went as follows:

Importance of journaling

The importance of having a generational outlook

How we as individuals and families are held accountable for how we value the scriptures (i.e.reading)

We talked about this quote from Kim B. Clark in the last General Conference. “Whatever level of spirituality or faith or obedience we now have, it will not be sufficient for the work that lies ahead.

We need greater spiritual light and power. We need eyes to see more clearly the Savior working in our lives and ears to hear His voice more deeply in our hearts.”

How we as a nation are held accountable for how we value the scriptures.

We talked about the war in heaven, specifically Satan wanting to take away our freedoms long before we came here, how on earth he is doing the same. He wants the power and glory. He is jealous of our bodies and is trying to tempt us.

We discussed Living Water. (See John 7)

How we can get through trials emotionally? We have two choices complain and be miserable or lean on the Lord, count our blessings, and find productive happy things to do and think. It is work to do the latter, but worth it.

Depression and two attitudes we can take and remedies we can work on. Staying active in our trials is vital for growing and learning.

What are things the kids as individuals like to do for fun and to cheer up?

If we don’t learn the lessons, we keep repeating the same actions to put us back where we were.

This earth life is a test and the scripture: Mormon 5: 23 “Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God? Know ye not that he hath all power, and at his great command the earth shall be rolled together as a scroll?”

Since satan is jealous of our bodies, what are ways he tempts us to hurt or disrespect our bodies? Makenzie, Benjamin, MadisonFood.

When we have cravings what our bodies needs instead- healthy living food and good nutrients.

Discussed MSG and other addictive food-like substances.

We discussed the Word of Wisdom and it’s reference to meat. That we often eat to much.

Watched a video on how hotdogs are made.

Discussed food addiction and self medicating with food; what it is and how to avoid and/or heal it.

Discussed the ten commandments.

Discussed the law of Moses and the Jewish beliefs. Discussed sacrifices to God, and how satan has a counterpart for everything God has—because he wants the power.

We discussed Halloween.

Talked about Moses and Esther.

Discussed what kosher meant.

And then back again to finish up the chapter and in the importance of staying close to Heavenly Father, and comforting and encouraging each other—even as adults.

All this took place in about an hour. We finished with everyone of us spiritually fed, filled with more knowledge, and re-motivated to renew ourselves and make a few goals individually.

When I asked the kids what they remembered of our study today they also brought up some of our discussion yesterday. To them it tied in together and was still active in their pondering.

We discussed the law of Moses yesterday too (because it was mentioned in 2 Nephi 25.).

We discussed the Torah.

We talked about the faith to heal and the story of Moses and the Israelites in the desert being plagued by poisonous serpents. We discussed how the people didn’t have the faith to go directly to Heavenly Father for help, instead they went to Moses. Moses went to the Lord and was inspired to put the serpent on the stick and all those who were bit simply needed to look at the serpent to be healed.

We talked about the US medical symbol of the serpents on the stick and the history of it. At one point all or most of our medical practice was also honoring God and his timing. Now we’ve moved away from this and again the people are afraid and leaning to the arm of flesh. They aren’t always healed this way. If we will go to God He will show us the way. Sometimes that is the medical doctor and sometimes its changing our diets, or other holistic practices.

We discussed the last days and the conspiring hearts of men.IMG_3694

We also discussed Atlas the robot the Federal Government created.

Then we reminded them that God is still in charge. Even when it doesn’t seem like it we are being protected. Fear separates us. Faith heals and connects us.

Because there is a part of me that really likes statistics, essentially, in our family devotional we included lessons in the following topics:

Ancient history
Religious culture
Holistic healing
Current events
Aetiology (the medical study of the causation of disease)
Bromatology (the study of food)
Christian studies
Political science
Ancient philosophy
Alethiology (the nature of truth)
Aretology (the study of virtue)
Bibliology (study of the Bible)
Thymology (study of the feelings)
Emotional Intelligence

I know that veering off course a little from what our original intent was isn’t something we as parents want to do—often. It can turn into a one to two hour discussion that takes time away from our day. But, I can tell you first hand, the most valuable, detailed, interesting discussions come when we allow the conversation to flow where the Holy Spirit moves us.

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