Cooking in the Sun

Summer days are here and to combat boredom and keep the fire for learning alive, we do an activity a day all summer long.

First, I had the kids research solar ovens and how to make one.  Here is their finished project:


See this site for how-to:


They made their own lunch in the oven…hotdogs and baked beans.


Next, they put together solar s’mores.  Basically s’mores wrapped in tin foil and set out in the sun to the perfect doneness.





We finished up by learning more about the sun, reading books about the sun and spending time in the new slip’n’slide.


Here are some SUN books:

Energy from the Sun (Rookie Read-About Science) by Allan Fowler

Why is it Hot? (Weekly Reader Book)



This activity was done by ages 17 to 11 months.  The older kids helped supervise the younger ones in doing the projects.

They learned: engineering, earth science, physical science, and cooking


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