Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for Kids


Summer is 100 days long.  That is a lot of time with extended days and warmer weather.  Kids can get cranky and moms more cranky.  Whether you decide to homeschool throughout the summer (like we do) or take a break, there is sure to be time to fill where you don’t want it filled with electronics and by extension zombie kids.

Here are two resources I use to help me in planning ideas for my kids.  I feel it is imperative to keep my kids busy and in nature, but I also believe it should NOT be mom intensive.  I never do anything mom intensive other than meeting needs physically and emotionally.  I’m only one person and can only do so much, so I come up with the ideas and let my kids use their brains, and resources I provide, and have fun and make memories.

Resource One:


The book: 15 Minutes Outside by Rebecca Cohen


Resource two:


I’d like to GIVE AWAY an ebook that will encourage your children to play.


I’ve printed it out and put it into sheet protectors and a 3 ring binder.   The kids go through and pick out what sounds like fun.


May your family enjoy a fun summer filled with learning, adventure and fun!

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