Book Review: The Coming Aristocracy

The Coming Aristocracy: Education & the Future of Freedom The Coming Aristocracy: Education & the Future of Freedom by Oliver DeMille

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Whether or not we chose to believe it, America is in trouble and it’s not just the economy, the war on terror, etc. The real problem in America is that we are being destroyed within by the aristocracy.
This is an excellent book with a warning for us in our day and age. The author explains in simple terms what the aristocracy is and why it is not only a threat to our country (USA) but how it is in practice today and where this will lead.

The author made a point of explaining that today in our country we do not even have core truths. He calls it the “truth trap”. “If anyone mentions values, goodness, or says that something is ‘true,’ she can count on being asked, ‘Whose values?’ ‘Whose truth?’ and ‘Who made you the truth monitor?’” This is a growing trend, especially with the overtaking of Political Correctness. Even within the walls of church I have seen women make a comment and immediately stop mid-sentence afraid that the truth of gospel will offend someone within the walls of our church. This is a sad state of affairs.

Along with the important information shared in this book, the author shares a list of books to read to learn more of what is happening in America and several books on how to make the change.

The author has a way of motivating and exciting the changes that we can make. He closes the book with HOW we can stop the aristocracy from taking over and none of it requires going to battle against the elite in Washington. It is more subtle, in some aspects simple and powerful. I truly believe this can be done. Every American should read this book. Ignorance is not bliss. For the sake of your posterity, today is the day of change. It is vital.

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