Mom’s Need Inspiring Too.

Mom’s Need Inspiring Too.




By Heather Fuhrimann

As I have mentioned in a previous posting, this is the first year that I am incorporating a plan, albeit a simple one, for my own personal education as a integral part of my children’s education. Perhaps, I am moving beyond the core phase myself. It just felt like time. Not that I wasn’t doing things that further developed my own personal “well,” it is just more formally planned and known by those around me. Before… it was rather spur of the moment. I would share something I read to the kids. Show them something new I learned and always made it a point to share with them when I learned something new. This year… I am formally doing my own studies… still working out what exactly…but still… Mom is “homeschooling” too.

Like many homeschooling moms, I practically devoured any homeschooling information out there. Which of course, made things overwhelming given all the philosophies and options out there, but in doing so, I began to notice a pattern. The ones that seemed most appealing to me all seemed to overlap. Before TJED, the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf Education), were the most appealing but very different than my traditional educational background (aka- My conveyor Belt Education). Much of it just felt right and in my limited study of it seemed to flow naturally in our family. And when I discovered TJED… the two seemed to flow together and TJED was, for our family, a answer to many missing gaps.
Today… I was reading one of my favorite Waldorf Inspired blogs, The Magic Onions, it had a post on the importance of the continual education of Parents and Teachers. It’s words spoke so clearly to me. Especially at a time when my personal development is at the forefront of my thoughts these days. Let me share with you some quotes (in red) that I found very inspiring.
Blogger, Melisa Nielsen, shares a quote from Rudolph Steiners, Rhythms of Learning. “The Self Education of adults is essential for the Waldorf approach to educating children, because Waldorf does not consist solely of methods, techniques, or structures, but rather the development of human capacities – those of the children but also, and more importantly, those of teachers and parents.”
I love the phrase, “the development of human capacities.” Isn’t it wonderful that there isn’t a end to that capacity?
Don’t you just love the blessings of the internet (and I admit it has its evils too). I think it is vital to remember the Philosophy of “Inspire, not require” doesn’t only just apply to how you educate your children. I get so bogged down on requirements, that I placed on myself ,and when I see postings and informations such as this and the other I will mention… it is a breath of fresh air. I need a good homeschooling community of not only real life friends but virtual kindred spirits that inspire me to greater things.
Another awesome posting today I read on Mama Seasons, (nice to know other mamas get “the funk” too. Check out this quote she found:



“If you think you can’t provide a rich, stimulating environment for your kids, maybe they *are* better off in school. Send them.
But if you know that the whole wide world is rich and stimulating, then GET OUT THERE! DO things, BE with your kids. Find cool places to go. Bring new things home. Quit b#@%**’!
If you knew you only had a year more with that child, what would you expose him to? Where would you go? What would you eat? What would you watch? What would you do?
If you had only ONE year—and then it was all over, what would you do? Four seasons. Twelve months. 365 days.
Do that THIS year. And the next.”
Can I just tell you how much I needed that. I can only hope that a life lived to its fullest, is one that won’t be regretted. Just how much I need to let go and have faith in the learning process. Back to the Magic Onions, she goes on to talk about just that. Read the posting and think about how it applies to your style. While it is of course from a Waldorf perspective you could easily replace the word Waldorf with “educating children” or even TJED
“The self-education of adults is essential to educating children, because educating children does not consist solely of methods, techniques, or structures, but rather the development of human capacities – those of the children but also, and more importantly, those of teachers and parents.”
Now take a look at this additional Rudolf Steiner Quote. I am going to interject some TJED corresponding stuff in red.
“If one observes children who, through proper upbringing, have developed a natural reverence for the adults around them [CORE Phase}, and if one follows them through their various phase of life[TJED_ Core, Love of Learning, scholar, Depth and Mission], one may discover that their feelings for reverence and devotion in childhood gradually transform during the years leading to old age. As adults, such persons may have a healing effect on others, so that through their mere presence, tone of voice, or perhaps a single glance they spread inner peace to others.[Perhaps this can be attributed to a completion of each phase, few or no gaps or repair work to be done] Their presence can be a blessing, because as children they have learned to venerate and to pray in the right way. No hands can bless in old age, unless in childhood they have been folded in prayer.[For many families, this is a vital part of the Core Phase]
The beauty in this, is that even though we are having to do all of this “repair work” for ourselves, our kids don’t necessarily have to… depending on you. I know… pressure. But remember… “It’s about YOU, not them.” Focus on healing you and and that inner work you do now will affect your posterity. Ok… enough for such a late night. Just thought I would share some inspiration I found today.
Note to self… get a copy of

“Rhythms of Learning” by Steiner

and check out the unschooling site.

It’s good to be homeschooling. Now its your turn… share with us your inspiration. What is inspiring you to develop your personal education?

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