The Roots of Avoiding Reading

The Roots of Avoiding Reading

Does you or a loved one avoid reading? It can be disheartening when you know the value of reading books. I’ve found valuable insights and giant leaps in healing emotional roots in me and my family members. This article is written to guide you towards healing the roots in your family members individually or collectively. To learn more, please see the Family Energy Healing Course.

Reading is healing for the mind, heart, and spirit. The ability to read is a miraculous and awe-inspiring event. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet and with those twenty-six letters millions of books have been written, magazines and newspapers, journals, blogs, and emails. The written word has the capacity to teach you, inspire you, broaden your horizons, take you to real or imagined lands and worlds, open you to concepts and truths you never imagined. Reading takes a person to heights unlimited. Just as the brilliant Isaac Newton experienced, we too have the capacity to stand on the shoulders of giants and to be a part of the great conversation that has been taking place for hundreds of years…all through literature.

Said the inspirational blind and deaf Helen Keller, “Literature is my Utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised. No barrier of the senses shuts me out from the sweet, gracious discourses of my book friends. They talk to me without embarrassment or awkwardness.” Reading is a precious gift. Reading is fulfilling. Reading is possible for everyone.

The person who avoids reading never fully gained the love of reading. They didn’t gain a testimony for oneself of it’s importance for them to gain the willpower and reason to work against the odds to just do it. Not anyone of us started with the ability to read Jane Austen or Homer. It was an inner desire to learn. It was an inner desire to grow. It was the ability to see pictures within the words on the page. The following list of root emotions includes all of these problems in mind as well as any other reasons one avoids reading books.

Root Emotions

Hardness towards books
Easily entertained/addicted by the fast, cheap, instant (as in junk books, movies, music, Facebook, etc)
Resistance towards work (it’s work to read a book)
Feeling unintelligent
Feeling dumb
Unwilling to use ones time on this pursuit
Closed to learning
Closed (see to what else or if one’s just closed)
Living on a lower vibration
Happy with ones slower progress
Limiting beliefs (such as reading is for others, no subjects interest me, etc.)
Complete rejection
Will not place in ones priorities
Feels bored by
Past traumas/stress from school or other times
Limits what one reads (only non-fiction, etc)
Fears books are evil
Not connected to the book/s they are reading
Gives up too easily
Hatred/anger towards reading
Perceptions limiting and negative towards others who read
Fear of thick books
Fear of classic literature
Fear of fiction
Pride (yes, there is pride in not reading)
Using words that limit you
Negative thought patterns
Short attention span (clear and lengthen)
Lacking imagination
Closed to/feels unable to picture in ones mind
Comparing self to other’s (what does their book list look like?)
Low Self-esteem
Limited by one’s age/kids/life



  • I’m capable of reading consistently.
  • I am worthy and deserving of being intelligent and increasing this intelligence daily through reading good literature.
  • Like Anne of Green Gables, I have a vivid imagination.
  • I’m interested in books.
  • I’m fascinated by books.
  • Reading is always worth the time.
  • I always have time for reading.
  • I always have place in my life for books.
  • I always have room in my budget for books.
  • I always have room in my home for a wholesome library of books.
  • I read to set a good example.
  • I read to grow.
  • Every book I read improves me and opens my mind.
  • I am worthy and deserving of finding and attracting good, wholesome books into my life.
  • I am not deterred, overwhelmed by, or depressed by other’s abilities, talents, or booklists; I’m simply inspired by them.
  • I’m open to reading new books.
  • Fiction is healing, helpful, inspiring, and packed with parallels for life, love, parenting, mentoring, and all other areas of my life.
  • I love big books.
  • I love classic tombs.
  • I’m connected to the writers of the past.
  • I’m connected to books and reading.
  • I have a healthy self-esteem.
  • I develop a long attention span day by day, book by book.
  • I make reading a priority.
  • Reading is healthy part of my daily routine.


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  1. Valarie Richards says:

    Wow! Thank you for this. I have been struggling lately to do my own daily reading (even though I love books and reading) and I never thought of taking an energetic approach to it – even though I do energy healing for my family and myself for other issues! Maybe my struggle is just a blockage of some sort. Thank you for all of the suggestions to help with this issue.

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