5 ways to Draw Answers from Your Brain

5 ways to Draw Answers from Your Brain



Our minds are amazing and we are very intelligent whether you know it or not.  The power of intelligence lies is learning how to use your brain, drawing from it the answers that are already within you.  The following are five ways to draw answers from your brain that I have learned along my journey in discovering my own intelligence.


1. What you say, you are


If I got a penny for every time someone said, “I can’t think”, or “I have a bad memory”, or “I’ll never remember that”, or “I forgot” I would be rich.  The words we use will create our lives.  Our subconscious minds don’t want us to be crazy so if we say and think those kinds of things that is what we program for ourselves to become.  Even though the positives may not be true, start saying them instead.  Catch yourself.  I remember.  I have a good memory.  I always remember what I want to remember.


2. The Light Recalls


We are all connected to the light.  It keeps us alive and when we find truth it enlightens us.  Did you also know that it is a memory recaller too?  The answers are within you.  “Ask and ye shall receive.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

We cannot learn Chinese from a brain that did not have Chinese put into it.  So, if you didn’t study something, chances are you most likely won’t find the exact answer in your brain…however, you will find answers on how to FIND your answers if you ask.


3. Questions


To “think” is to ask your brain questions.  If we let our brains be and go off on the paths that it wants to it usually will go to worry or fears about the past or future.  Taking our minds back and consciously thinking (asking questions) or planning for the future will create a brain that functions better and helps you find answers faster.

Become a master question asker.  How can I fix this problem?  How did I get into this mess?  What book should I read next?  How can I help my daughter solve this problem?  No matter the topic you want to think about or discover answers for, asking questions is how we think.  The more questions you ask, the more answers and options you will discover.  Make it a game. It really becomes fun knowing you can think. It’s easy and the tool you need is to ask questions.

As you’re listening or reading, ask yourself questions to make thinking an active process while you take in in formation.  Do I agree with that statement?  How can I apply this in my life?


4. New Things


Keep your mind open by allowing new things, ideas, concepts, etc to come into your life.  There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who know everything about nothing and those who know nothing about everything.  Meaning, if we get into that space of thinking we know everything we close ourselves off to growth and learning new things because we shut it down immediately thinking we don’t need it.  Those who know nothing about everything carry a more humble energy allowing their minds to be open to the vastness of the earth and the knowledge we can gain.


5. End Distractions


Distractions are everywhere.  But, we can stop them from bombarding us by making different choices about our lives.  For instance, keeping your home environment more quiet by turning off the TV, music, video games, etc. your mind will be more apt to want to be used and you’ll more easily be able to tune into where your mind is going.

When we go into nature it easily eliminates distractions and opens our minds to desire to do more thinking, contemplating, and praying. Its also very renewing.

Going into a quiet room to “think” is putting your body, mind, and spirit into the energy of focus.  I always tell my kids that I need to do some thinking and praying so when I open my door then I’m ready for interruption.  It took some training at first, but now they are more respectful of my time.  It really is a matter of training people how to treat you and not the other way around.


A last thought I had about this topic is to bring a notebook with you always.  You really never know when you need to write down important inspirations, questions, answers to your questions, etc. especially when you consciously put your mind to work by asking questions.  Whether you’re reading a scripture and you had both positive and negative thoughts or things you thought to work on, write them down.

The inspiration for this article came in the shower when I was asking myself why I was having headaches.  The answer came that I was avoiding thought because I’m anxious about planning for our move ahead to Germany.  As I continued to ask questions of my mind I had the thought to write about this topic.

You never know what answers might come, but see them all as a blessing to help you in your life.  The more you think the easier and more enjoyable it is.


Learn more about thinking deeply by reading: How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, author Michael Gelb


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